ArtPreneurs is centered around equipping passionate young creatives with the business skills to make money from their art. Throughout the course of YAC’s 10-week training program, participants are introduced to a range of fundamental skills to build, promote, sustain their artistic practice.


During our most recent round of ArtPreneurs in Halifax, we had a vibrant and diverse group of individuals working to bring their creative identities and projects to life. From an author drafting their autobiography to a new-wave hip hop group creating sounds ‘beyond your cosmos’, a Syrian dancer introducing his country’s traditional dance, a graffiti artist with the dream of opening a legal art space in Halifax, to a 15 year old graphic artist prodigy. There was no shortage of talent and hard work brought into the Common Good Solutions space each week.

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Each week, participants learned new tools to enhance their business practices centered round important concepts like core values, idea formation, team, networking, budgeting, resources, and pitching. This session, ArtPreneurs integrated an exciting new “Social Media, Branding, & Promotional Prep” day, where participants had a professional photo shoot, created social media accounts, practiced pitching, and worked on creating their own custom-branded promotional materials like business cards.


In addition to the entrepreneurial skills learned, ArtPreneurs gained a wealth of knowledge through stories and advice shared by guest speakers including Shevy Price (Award-Winning Musician), Kyah Sparks (TV Host/Producer - Eastlink Television), Peter Hemsworth (Founder - The BZLY Clothing Co.), GhettoSocks (Designer/Award-Winning Rapper), Nathaniel Cole (Singer/Songwriter, Photographer), Brian Jeffcock (Graphic Designer), Stoo Metz (Award-Winning Photographer). There was no shortage of teachable moments and experiential anecdotes to supplement the ArtPreneurs curriculum and take the participants learning that much further.



On December 18th, 2018, Youth Art Connection hosted ARTCELERATION Market Place and Final Event at Volta. ArtPreneurs presented, and sold the projects that their copious amounts creativity and hard work had been leading up to. After just 10 weeks, all ArtPreneurs who originally may not have had the confidence to show their art in public were able to make their dreams a reality by presenting and selling their own creations to consumers. The night was ended perfectly tying together our theme of diversity with a performance from one of our very own ARTPreneurs, showcasing a special performance with his traditional Syrian dance group.


A special thank you goes out to TD Canada Trust for their continued support, Common Good Solutions for providing space for learning and growth each week, Mount Saint Vincent University for their involvement, Volta for hosting an incredible final event, and Bramoso Pizza for their delicious gourmet food and refreshments provided each week.

Ryan Veltmeyer